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for Thursday 22nd August Gala

Russian Ballet Stars in Lahti – 22 and 23 of August 2013


The town of Lahti is to welcome the stars of Russian ballet, not to mention its countless admirers. At the end of summer 2013, the Sibelius Hall will open its doors to everybody who wants to enjoy a wonderful cultural experience.

Sibeliustalo is equally beautiful in the sleepless white nights, in the cool glow of the setting autumn sun, and in the honeyed rays of evening light against the backdrop of falling snowflakes.

Like a vast crystal ship in whose glass is reflected the steel waters of the Vesijarvi Lake, this magnificent building – one of the greatest works of modern Finnish architecture – perfectly blends into the atmosphere of the cosy harbour of the town which at the start of the last century numbered just over 2000 inhabitants.

Today Lahti is a rapidly developingcentre of world culture and of the world economy, and one of the most important towns in southern Finland. It was no accident that Sibeliustalo, the public face of Lahti, was chosen as the venue for the Gala concert, which will feature stars of Russian ballet from the most famous Russian theatres, the Bolshoi (Moscow), the Marinsky and Mikhailovsky (St Petersburg).

This festival of ‘high’ ballet will be a truly significant event in the life of the town and in the history of Sibeliustalo.



We welcome you to enjoy this graceful and breathtaking show!

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